Fan Art!

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Arica Daisy thumbnail ~ By the sweet and lovely Miss Arica, done before Daisy even became a webcomic!

Kyle Daisy thumbnail ~ A birthday present from my darlin, Kyle. Holycrapspoilers!!!

Sarah Daisy thumnail ~ Sarah adds sexy zombie girls to her repertoire of the undead!

Jackmunch Daisy Thumb ~ A very wistful Daisy by Malcolm.

SarahBee Sarah Thumb ~ Just what did SarahBee do on vacation? Sarah gives us a little glimpse.

Daisy by querty thumb ~ Christopher shows us how hard it is for a girl to stay sexy when her limbs won't stay put!

Kait Daisy Thumb ~ Holy crap! Kaitlyn totally animated Daisy and Elwynn!

Diane Daisy Thumb ~ Diane's fanart of...well...Dianne! (For those of you not paying attention, Daisy's real name is Dianne.)

Chris Friends Thumb ~ Ok, not really Daisy fanart, but too wonderful not to showcase. So apparently Chris, using his combined theatre and time-machine-building skillz, built a time machine, went back to '92, and forced his five-year-old self to draw a fantabulous ode to his future friends. There's Daisy, Kyle's MooBeard, Arica's Cheebo, and Zoe's Baconman, all hanging out under a gigantic rainbow, as they are, of course, regularly known to do.

Arica Daisy Boobs Thumb ~ Arica gives us a better view of Daisy's imfamous boobies! **Warning: Those who cannot handle the sight of totally naked and unclothed ladyboobs should refrain from looking at this picture instead of yelling at me for having adultness on my site!***

~ Holy exposed shoulders, Batman! Halloween gifties from Kaitlyn!

~ Daisy's been Ooka'd!

~ Adorable animated Daisy gif by Michael Alonso!

~ Poor Courtney doesn't get nearly enough love. Thanks Tomi!

Daisy by Simon thumb ~ Simon shows that anything can be achieved through the power of numbers!

~ What is awesome? More fanart from Kaitlyn is awesome!

Daisy Birthday Thumb ~ Christopher commemorates Daisy's first year online with a sammich cake! Mmmmm...sammich cake...

Arica Treelily Mike Thumb ~ I love my birthday present from Arica so much. :3

~ Simply adorable Daisy by Jonas!

Daisy Pixen Thumb ~ Sudden fanart from Ben the awesome!

~ Courtney gets some hot Arica lovins! ...what?

Arica An Thumb ~ An is pink. Arica is an art pixie. <3

Perler thumb ~ Total blast from the past! Michael Alonso made me a Daisy out of perler beads!

~ Michael Alonso just gives and gives.

Daisy Zoe thumb ~ Zoe caught up with the archives, and Daisy could not be happier. (Nipple warning: there are nipples.)

~ Faethany brings us a very pixie-like rendition of Daisy.

Daisy Kyuu Thumb SarahBee Kyuu Thumb ~ Jennifer has been inspired! She brings us lovely, sexy drawings of Daisy and SarahBee.

Daisy Naomi Thumb ~ Springtime is on its way again, and Naomi has a prediction about what it'll bring.

Daisy Molly Thumb ~ Being a sexy zombie on the beach comes with a whole set of problems. Molly gives us a glimpse of one of them.

~ I agree with Arica: Rose is totally a smoker.

~ Apparently Megan's boyfriend has the same hair as Elwynn...

Daisy BlackBerry Thumb ~ I only just noticed the candle in the window there. The power's out and so are the zombies! Cool, Black Berry.

~ Beautiful birthday gift from LeighAnna!

Daisy Chibi by LeighAnna ~ Another gift from LeighAnna. I'mma keep it in my pocket.

Daisy by SWF Thumb ~ From Daniel: Why Daisy keeps her distance from verdant glens.

~ From Laury: I'm pretty sure this is what Daisy would look like, were there a Zombie Prom.

Old Daisy Thumb ~ Look what Christopher found in his old files!

Daisy Sammy Thumb ~ Sammy gives us a more innocent Daisy than we've ever seen.

~ Of course Treelily would go frolicking with SarahBee! Thanks Nezu!

Daisy Meat Thumb ~ Some totally adorable Daisy sketches from Lauren!

Daisy_BMP_thumb ~ Oh Elwynn, always chipper. By the esteemed Benjamin Ritter.

Hondo Naomi Thumb ~ Naomi captures how pretty Hondo is...right before he opens his mouth.

Cast_BB_Thumb ~ Holy crap! A full cast page by Black Berry!

DDR_Thumb ~ DDR-User knows just how clueless Elwynn is.

Ahmni_Thumb ~ Daisy gets up on her's-stuff. By Zachary.

Daisy Richard Thumb ~ Richard's awesome half of an art trade we did.

Daisy Emily Thumb ~ A very plaintive Daisy by Emily.

Daisy Harriet Thumb ~ Daisy looking quite seductive. By Agent Harriet.

Daisy Stellar Thumb ~ I like to imagine that Daisy's trying to teach Elwynn to wink. By Crystal.

Daisy Ayame Thumb ~ Elwynn has a secret! By Angi.

Courtney Naomi Thumb ~ Courtney gets a visit from one of her biggest fans, Kyle's Frog Raccoon Strawberry. By Naomi.

~ Two adorable Daisies by Cynthia!

Daisy_Burgundy_Thumb ~ Daisy was November 8th in CJ Burgandy's Naked November Project! **WARNING** If it wasn't already clear, this picture contains nudity. Really, it doesn't contain much else.

~ Daisy made it onto one of Alex's Ladies pages! The full page is here.

~ It's Daisy!

Derf by SBY ~ Interactive Derf by Sarah!

An Amber thumb ~ A lovely An by Amber!

Elwynn_crabman_thumb ~ Crabman shows us the results of the zombie football t-shirt.

  ~ My birthday present from Aron!