I have graduated, and my sweet graphics job has ended! So until I can land a boring office job, I'm free to draw you lovely people pictures!

Prices are as follows:

$10 for a 1-character inked sketch, $5 each additional character.

$30 for a full color image, $10 each additional character.

Conbadges (cos I still do those):
$6 for an inked badge, $16 for a colored one. Add $3 for lamination.

Watercolor/Prismacolor Marker:
11x15": $40 for one character, $15 for each additional character.

10x10": $30 for one character, $10 for each additional character.

5.5x8.8": $20 flat rate, although you can't really fit more than one or two characters on there anyway.

Shipping: I used to send out prints of the digital work, but since ink is expensive and postage prices are rising, I gotta start charging. It's not much, though, and it gets you a lot: $5 gets you a nice print of your image (our new printer is amazing, I love it!) plus the original inked sketch. Otherwise I'll just e-mail you a nice, big copy of your image, for you to do with as you please. This is just for the full-size digital pieces. Shipping is built in to the conbadge and watercolor prices.

If you're interested, contact me at daisy@ranchocurioso.com